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YEAY provides Generation Z with a social space to shoot and share videos featuring streetwear styles they love. The YEAY app makes the videos shoppable by adding affiliate links. Brands benefit from user-generated product recommendations: creators earn WOM Tokens as rewards for the value driven through their videos.


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To-date YEAY has raised in $7 million in seed funding from investors including:

YEAY Investors

Grazia Equity

Grazia Equity is one of Europe's top names in venture capital, investing in innovative, technology driven startups.

Mountain Partners

Mountain Partners is a Venture capital and private equity firm specializing in growth capital, buyouts, bridge financings, and PIPEs. They manage more than 100 investments in the sectors of E-Commerce.

Happy Street Ventures

Based in Los Angeles, Happy Street Ventures specialize in consumer-facing products, services and solutions and invest in founders who are as fresh and ambitious as their ideas.


Early stage venture capital firm backed by one of Germany´s biggest distance retailers - the KLiNGEL Group.

Ken Hertz

Kenneth Hertz, is a Senior Partner in the Beverly Hills law firm of Hertz Lichtenstein & Young LLP. Ken and his partners specialize in representing talent and new media companies in the sports and entertainment industries.

Varsha Rao

Former COO Airbnb, COO of Clover Health, Capital Scout Sequoia.

Erhard Schöwel 

Non exec. board Non exec. board member at COTY Cosmetics with over 30 years’ experience within the FMCG sectormember at COTY Cosmetics.

Elio Leoni Sceti 

Former CEO of EMI Music, co-founder of international investment fund, The Leoni Sceti Grouph own VC.

Cornelius Boersch

Dr. Cornelius Boersch (“Conny”) is the founder of Mountain Partners AG and has been a passionate entrepreneur, investor and founder of numerous technology.

Thomas Hessler

Cryptocurrencies explorer,  Founder of UFOstart and @Globumbus@zanox, Explorer in Bitcoin, IoT, 3DP, Robotics, FoodTech.

Zarco Investment Group

Zarco Investment Group is a United States-based investment company, specializing in early-stage technology companies.

Brand Partners

Why Gen Z?

Numbering 65 million in the US, Generation Z is a powerful consumer group with an annual purchasing power of $143 billion. Having grown up with constant mobile access to information and at a time of skepticism over fake news, they have learnt to filter content fast. They’ve turned on ad-blockers and tuned out of inauthentic influencer promotions to escape the branded content flood.

Teens are great, natural-born content creators - and they trust one another’s content more than brands, influencers and celebrities.

YEAY thought it was about time to let them take over, which is why the company has the youngest ever advisory board - all outstanding Generation Z entrepreneurs from around the world.

Young Entrepreneur
Advisory Board

Alex Choi


Startup founder and leader of the world’s largest youth entrepreneurship conference.

Isabella Dymalovski 


Skincare company founder “luv ur skin“ and youngest ever contestant on Australia’s Shark Tank.

Itay Pincas


Founder of Get Sale Up, Mobile app Developer, Digital Advisor and speaker.

Asia Newson


Asia Newson aka Super Business Girl is known as Detroit's youngest entrepreneur. nominated Entrepreneur of The Year by Ernst Young, Forbes.

Charles Bahr


Digital marketing agency founder, European top 100 watchlist of Business Punk Magazine. Founder of Tube connect.

Michael Guberti


Social Media Strategist, Co-Founder of Guberti Giving and founder of

Marc Guberti 


Digital Marketing Expert, Blogger, and Author.

Harshita Arora


Entrepreneur, Programmer & creator of Crypto Price Tracker App.

Casey Adams


Entrepreneur, best-selling author and public speaker.

Nina Devani


Tech entrepreneur of devanisoft. Nominated as one of the most inspiring UK young entrepreneurs under 25.